Miley Cyrus Covers Pearl Jam, Velvet Underground, Britney Spears, And More

Miley Cyrus performed Pearl Jam's "Just Breathe" during her MTV Unplugged 'Backyard Sessions' this week. You can watch that performance below along with her entire set which also included covers of Velvet Underground and Britney Spears.

Speaking of covers, Miley announced this week that she's working on a METALLICA covers album. Despite what you may think about Miley's music there's no doubt that she's an incredible performer. Personally, I'm looking forward to hearing her Metallica covers album. To get a taste of what it might sound like listen to her cover of "Nothing Else Matters" by clicking here.

Miley Cyrus rocked out covers or Led Zeppelin and Blondie at our iHeartRadio Music Festival in 2019 & 2020!