These Foods Are So Gross Even The Hoarders Aren't Buying Them!

I went to the grocery store yesterday, and noticed that people are now hoarding lunchmeat and beans. Eating all those beans might make social distancing easier. Anyhow, a website compiled a bunch of people's social media pictures to put together a list of the foods that no one wanted, even now. Those include . . .

1. Frozen pizzas with pineapple . . . or with cauliflower and broccoli crusts.

2. Cans of Manhattan Clam Chowder soup in a New England grocery store.

3. Hot Tamales-flavored Peeps.

4. Baby Shark cereal.

5. Aquafina water.

6. Gluten-free battered halibut.

7. Unsalted potato chips.

8. And, of course, Corona beer. (Eye roll.)

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