Just A Tip For Those Of You Enjoying This Warm Weather...

There aren't many things as changeable as Erie weather (well, maybe Kylie Jenner's face). And yes, those nice temps we have been enjoying are about to change, with the mercury hitting the mid 30s by late this afternoon. So my advice to you is...

Take that motorcycle for a morning run. It's only March, so the air is relatively bug free. No dental floss needed today.

Have a cup of coffee on the deck. Go ahead and put some Jack in it; no one's looking.

Take the dog out for an extra pee break before his or her undercarriage freezes up. You'll thank me later.

Listen to the Rocket on AirPods and dance in the backyard. If the neighbors get curious, tell them you're doing Tai Chi. Like they know the difference.

Fire up the grill. You know how good Jimmy Dean sausage is grilled? How about grilling a Pop Tart? Has anyone ever done that? YOU COULD BE THE FIRST!

Try your hand at being one of Erie's Fat Guys In Shorts™. Of course, the REAL Fat Guys In Shorts will not be affected by any temperature drop; their calling is a year-round thing.

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