The Joker does it again!

"Joker" was not a one-week wonder.It made another $55 million over the weekend, and topped the box office for the second straight week.

And if you're a big box office nerd, you might want to know that it's the "largest SECOND weekend" that a movie has ever had in October.It surpassed "Gravity", which made $43.2 million in its second weekend back in October of 2013. Here's this weekend's Top 10:

1."Joker", $55 million.Up to $192.7 million in its 2nd week.

2.NEW:"The Addams Family", $30.3 million

3.NEW:"Gemini Man", $20.5 million

4."Abominable", $6.2 million.Up to $48 million in its 3rd week.

5."Downton Abbey", $4.9 million.Up to $82.7 million in its 4th week.


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