Rambo is back!!

New in Theaters: "Rambo: Last Blood", "Downton Abbey", and Brad Pitt in the Space Thriller "Ad Astra"

1."Rambo: Last Blood"(R)Teaser and Trailer

Sylvester Stallone returns for the fifth movie in the series as badass Vietnam veteran John Rambo, who we first met 37 years ago in the 1982 movie "First Blood".

He's living a quiet life on a ranch, until his niece is kidnapped by a sex-trafficking ring run by the most violent cartel in Mexico.He gets help from a journalist played by Spanish actress Paz Vega and his niece is played by an actress named Yvette Monreal.

2."Downton Abbey"(PG)Trailer

The Crawley family prepares for an unexpected royal visit from the King and Queen of England at their enormous Edwardian countryside estate Downton Abbey.

The show ran for six seasons (from 2010-2015) and won 15 Emmys with a cast that includes "Harry Potter's"Maggie Smith as the family matriarch, Dowager Countess Violet Crawley, and Michelle Dockery as her granddaughter Lady Mary Talbot.

3."Ad Astra"(PG-13)Trailer 1 and Trailer 2

Brad Pitt stars in this paranoid space thriller about an astronaut who goes on a mission to uncover the truth about his father who went missing on a doomed expedition 30 years earlier.Tommy Lee Jones plays his dad.


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