Typical Kobe

Kobe Bryant Coached His Daughter's Middle School Team to an 88-Point Revenge Win

FULL STORY:13-year-old Gianna Bryant is a basketball player . . . and like a lot of kids, her dad coaches her middle school team.Although, UNLIKE a lot of kids, her dad is KOBE BRYANT.

And it sounds like their team is MUCH more intense than a typical middle school team . . . because they just ran up the score to get REVENGE on a team that beat them two years ago.

Kobe posted a photo of the girls celebrating an 88-POINT win.The score was 115 to 27.He captioned it, quote, "Two years ago, we lost to the same team 22 to 21. #hardwork #mambas."

Earlier this year, Kobe said, quote "The girls are making incredible progress.Just wait until you see us in six years. I have a year-by-year plan for them. We're going to keep adding pieces on a schedule I've already mapped out."


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