The Top 5 Funny guys!

Every year, "Forbes" puts out a list of the world's highest paid comedians, and JERRY SEINFELD has been #1 in 12 of the past 13 years . . . with the exception of 2016 when KEVIN HART took it over.

Well, guess what . . . Kevin has done it again.He made $59 million over the past year, despite losing his gig as the host of the Oscars, which is not a high-paying gig anyway.Word has it the Academy only pays $15,000.

Kevin kept his sponsorships with Mountain Dew and Chase, and released a Netflix special. He also did a global stadium tour.

That drops Jerry to #2.He made $41 million, which is down a bit from last year, partially because he didn't do a Netflix special in this period.

Here's the Top 10:

1.Kevin Hart, $59 million

2.Jerry Seinfeld, $41 million

3.Jim Gaffigan, $30 million

4.Trevor Noah, $28 million . . . TV hosts don't usually make this list, but "Forbes" made an exception because he earned the bulk of this money from stand-up.

5.Sebastian Maniscalco, $26 million


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