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A "Lucky" Fan Will Get $1,000 for Binge-Watching "Friends" for 25 Hours

FULL STORY:It seems like "Friends" is just as popular now as it was when it ended 15 years ago, so this is a job opportunity that will draw a lot of interest . . .

Frontier Communications is currently accepting applications from "Friends" superfans who are willing to watch the show for 25 hours and live-Tweet about the experience.You can have YOUR friends join in, and photograph the party.

It's 25 hours because the show is celebrating its 25th anniversary.In that time, a person could watch more than 60 episodes of the show, which is about one-fourth of the 236 episodes.

Sadly, the "lucky" fan does NOT have to watch all 25 hours at once, they have one week to complete the job.The fan will get $1,000 for their trouble, along with a year subscription to Netflix (or a Visa gift card for the value), plus "Friends" swag.

(To apply, or for more information, hit up FrontierBundles.com.You must enter by the September 3rd deadline.The winner will be notified a week later, and the contest will begin the week after that.)


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