Ya gotta love fair food!

It's that time of year..Fair season is here.

Here Are the Foods We Want to Eat Deep Fried at a State Fair . . . From Bacon to Butter

FULL STORY:America's state fairs keep DEEP FRYING different foods, and we just keep on buying them.Sure, we'll all be dead from epic heart attacks by age 47, but what a way to go.

A new survey asked people what deep fried foods they would want to try at a state fair.And here are the results . . .

1.Bacon, 47% would try it.

2.Ice cream, 46%.

3.Apple pie, 45%.

4.Cookies, 42%.

5.Banana, 38%.

6.Cheesecake, 37%.

7.Candy bars, 36%.

8.Pickles, 35%.

9.Butter, 16%.

10.Soda, 15%.


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