How You Can Help

The HAMOT Health Foundation has announced it will donate 100% of the funds raised during Erie Gives today, August 13th to the families and first responders who were affected by the fire. Donations are accepted online through the Erie Gives website.

Country Fair is donating all proceeds from coffee sales at its 71 stores in PA, Ohio, and New York today to the families as well.

Lawrence Park Fire Department has set up an account at Northwest Bank called the Luther Jones Family Fund where anyone can donate to Luther Jones and his family, who lost three children in the fire.

Rupp Limousines is doing a donation raffle where people can enter to win a limousine ride for up to 10 people. They will be donating the limousine and driver for three hours to the winner of the raffle and all proceeds will benefit the Luther Jones Family Fund. Each entry is a minimum $10 donation.

Eastway Lanesin Erie is going to donate half of their proceeds from all games bowled between Thursday, August 15th and Wednesday, August 21st to the families too.


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