Former Roar on the Shore Grand Marshal comes to the rescue.

Danny Trejo Helped Rescue a Special Needs Kid from a Car Accident

FULL STORY:DANNY TREJO doesn't just PLAY a badass hero in the "Machete" movies . . . he lives that life.

Danny was driving in L.A., when he saw a car accident. One of the vehicles was overturned, and there was a young boy inside, strapped into his car seat, hanging upside down.

Danny sprang into action . . . he got out of his car and crawled INSIDE the overturned vehicle, but he couldn't undo the kid's buckle. Another bystander, a young woman, entered from the other side, and WAS able to undo it.

Together, the two brought the kid to safety.The boy's grandmother was also trapped inside the car . . . but they needed to wait for the firefighters to help get her out.As far as we know, she's okay too.

The boy has special needs . . . so Danny tried his best to distract him. He said, quote, "He was panicked.I said 'Okay, we have to use our superpowers.'

"So, he screamed 'superpowers' and we started yelling 'superpowers.' I said 'Do this, with the muscles.'He said 'muscles.'"The whole time, he kept the boy faced away from the accident


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