AC's Book Review (RUSH related!)

Quickie review: I just finished the book "Clockwork Angels" by Kevin J. Anderson and Neil Peart (yes, THAT Neil Peart, the consummate drummer of RUSH). The book is based on the story outline Neil created for the album of the same name.

Simply put, the book is a modern-day steampunk fable of order versus chaos, told through the story of a young man choosing to leave his bucolic but predetermined life for something more adventurous and uncertain.

I LOVED IT. The end of the book really made me think about the value of both security and risk in life, and how we have to determine for ourselves how to balance those principles. Like RUSH's music, the book rocked AND had something to say. And it was a blast listening to the album as the soundtrack of my imagination as I read.

Now on to the graphic novel and the sequel, "Clockwork Lives"!


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