Why don't you kids go outside and....never mind.

The First "Fortnite" World Cup Made a Bunch of Teenagers Instant Millionaires

FULL STORY:I'm not saying you should let your kid play video games 24/7.But if they get good enough, they might help you retire someday . . .

The first "Fortnite" World Cup happened in New York this weekend.And eight gamers became instant MILLIONAIRES.

The total prize pool was THIRTY MILLION BUCKS.A 16-year-old from Pennsylvania named Kyle Giersdorf won the grand prize of $3 million.And seven other gamers won at least one million. Most of them were teenagers . . .

A 16-year-old from California named Shane Cotton took home $1.2 million.And a 15-year-old from England named Jaden Ashman won just over a million bucks.

Even gamers who DIDN'T do well took home a nice chunk of change.200 people made it into the tournament by qualifying online.And even last place got 50 GRAND.

The mother of the 15-year-old from England said she actually tried to get him to stop playing video games so his grades wouldn't slip . . . and she even threw out his Xbox at one point.But now he's using some of his winnings to buy her a new HOUSE.


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