Believe it..or not.

Believe It or Not:Jennifer Lopez Has Never Driven a Car?

Back when JENNIFER LOPEZ was 'Jenny from the Block,' she probably never needed to drive anywhere.But would you believe that she's NEVER driven a car?

ALEX RODRIGUEZ recently gave her a $140,000 Porsche for her birthday, and video of his surprise just hit the Internet.And after she sees the car, she says, quote, "What the hell? What is that? I've never had a car like this . . .

"I've never driven a car, period!"She then got in the car, and started driving it around the driveway . . . because when you're J-Lo, that's basically like screwing around in a Ford Focus.(Here's video.Skip to a minute in.)

Believe It or Not:Dane Cook Has Never Tried Alcohol?

It's always hard to believe when a celebrity claims they've NEVER tried alcohol . . . and for some reason, it's extra hard to believe when it's comedy bro DANE COOK.

Dane said, quote, "I've never had a sip of alcohol or done a drug.Ever."He acknowledged that he might be "missing out."He didn't really elaborate, although he did note that he grew up with a dad who drank.

A while back, he joked, quote, "I've never had alcohol or drugs . . . I'm waiting until I'm old enough to really cause some serious damage."


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