Lunch Break??

I'm a sit at my desk and eat.

What Do You Do on Your Lunch Break?

FULL STORY:How do you spend your lunch break at work . . . you know, assuming you actually take one?

Here's what people said in a new survey, and you'll be happy to know that nothing here should make you feel like an underachiever . . . things like "hit the gym" or "put in an hour on starting my own business" are nowhere to be found.

1.Listen to music, 50%.

2.Go to a restaurant to eat, 46%.

3.Eat in the break room or cafeteria, 44%.

4.Call a friend or family member, 40%.

5.Watch videos, 40%.

6.Go outside, 36%.

7.Eat at my desk, 35%.

8.Go on a walk, 27%.

9.Read a book, 21%.

10.Listen to a podcast, 12%.


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