Oh captain, my captain.

Was Captain Kangaroo a "Child-Hating Fraud"?

FULL STORY:Everybody's gushing over the trailer for the TOM HANKS / MR. ROGERS movie, "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood". But it stirred up some bad memories for actress ELLEN BARKIN.

She Tweeted, quote, "I'm informing you now . . . Captain Kangaroo told me to go [eff] myself. Shari Lewis refused to shake the hand of my then 6-year-old son.Don't try to make a movie about either of those child-hating frauds."

(I think we all know who Captain Kangaroo was.Shari Lewis was a ventriloquist known for her puppet Lamb Chop.Neither of them are still here to defend themselves.)

Surprisingly, people started BACKING UP Ellen's Tweet.One person said, quote, "I worked for Captain Kangaroo in the '60s. I believe you. He wasn't a very nice man."


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