VIDEO: *UPDATE* Driver Car Seized After Donuts On Capital Beltway!

A 20-year-old Virginia resident who was caught on video doing doughnuts on the Capital Beltway likely won't be repeating the stunt anytime soon. The cops have taken away his car.

Beltsville resident Jonathan C. Iraheta is also facing more than $1,800 in fines and a number of citations in connection with the stunt, which occurred Sunday night, according to Maryland State Police. After stopping Iraheta, who was driving a souped-up Dodge Charger, a trooper found the numbers on his registration tag had been altered, authorities say. In accordance with Maryland law, that's a good enough reason to seize the vehicle.

"Obviously, driving behavior witnessed on the Capital Beltway and Route 212 yesterday is unlawful, dangerous and a complete disregard for the safety and convenience of others on the highway," reads a statement released Monday by Maryland State Police. "The Maryland State Police will continue to take immediate and strict enforcement action whenever possible when these incidents occur."

photo: Google Images