TOP 10 Time Travel Moviews.

top 10

top 10

Sorry, Back to the Future should be ranked number 1.

Unfortunately, we can't time travel our way out of 2020.But we can escape through FILM.

So maybe that's why "Rolling Stone" decided to publish a list of the 20 best time travel movies.Here's how they rank them . . .

1."Groundhog Day", 1993

2.A French short film called "La Jetée", 1962."12 Monkeys" was a full-length version of the story.

3."Terminator 2:Judgement Day", 1991

4."Back to the Future", 1985

5."Primer", 2004

6. "Looper", 2012

7."Hot Tub Time Machine", 2010

8."Run Lola Run", 1998

9."Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home", 1986

10."Time Bandits", 1981

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